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Portable Dungeon, Bondage Furniture, Suspension Bondage Rig & Sex Swing for Shibari, Dynamic Rope Rigging and more

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What would you do if YOU owned a Tetruss?

3 in 1 Portable Dungeon, Suspension Bondage Rig & Sex Swing   

The world's most versatile adult sex toy!

The Tetruss 3 in 1 portable dungeon, suspension bondage rig and sex swing offers thousands of ways to get your kink on. What would you do!

Lightweight, goes anywhere, assembles in minutes

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Lew Rubens working his Lewbari Rope magic on the Tetruss - FREE Galleries

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                                bondage, Tetruss.com

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NEW Video - 50 Ways to Use Your Lover on the Tetruss - What Would You Do?

Compared to the limited uses, cost, weight, and assembly times of a St. Andrews Cross, a Spanking bench, or any other suspension bondage system, the Tetruss is the most versatile, portable, safe, user-friendly Dungeon Equipment toy yet conceived of. Whether you are a shibari rope Master or a novice looking to add the excitement and control of suspension bondage to your play, the Tetruss won't let your sub down!

The Tetruss Bondage Suspension Rig is a patent pending design achievement. It brings the excitement, fun and intensity of BDSM suspension bondage to Players that don't have, or don't want a permanent Dungeon Furniture play-space in their living environment. It is also a great BDSM toy to take to Play Parties, or when you travel to visit that special sub who's hung up on you!

Six Reasons to own a Tetruss
1: You don't have or want a permanent bondage equipment space in your home or apartment.
2. You want to put your sub into suspension bondage without becoming a shibari ropemaster.
3. You want a PORTABLE bondage suspension rig you can assemble or take down in 5 minutes.
4. You want a LIGHTWEIGHT piece of bondage equipment you can take anywhere - hotel, a friends, outdoors, or a dungeon play party.
5. You want a FREE STANDING dungeon equipment system that requires no bolts, or brackets in the ceiling, floor or wall.
6. You want a HIGH STRENGTH system engineered for safe suspension bondage.

"Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that we used the Tetruss bondage suspension rig at Kink in the Caribbean III, and we found it to be a great piece of bondage furniture. We were able to have scenes outside on the beach (even though palm trees have no branches) and in hotel rooms without having to modify the rooms)." Mick & Dee from the Caribbean

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what would you do if you owned a Tetruss?