The Tetruss –the world’s most versatile adult sex toy since 2000!
Lightweight, Goes Anywhere, Assembles in Minutes

Tetruss History – In 2000, kink-positive therapist Galen Fous and Tetruss inventor established our company. After seeing one too many poorly made toys, for way too much money, he decided he could do things differently. He knew that people like you want high-quality, affordable adult toys for the bedroom (or dungeon or wherever your preferred space may be)! For the last nineteen years, we’ve been promoting kinky, sexy, safe sex-toy play and are active participants in the global Kink, Fetish, D/s-BDSM community.

We’ve been a featured company at popular Kink events such as Kinkfest , Folsom Street Fair, Thunder in the Mountains that celebrate sexual education diversity and the latest high-quality Kink gadgets. These Kink focused events also provide opportunities for people to shop for products or services, including our Tetruss Suspension Bondage Rig. Whether you’re a novice or have long-term experience within the sex-positive community, Tetruss has something for you.

Our Products – You want to get tied up; you want to get tied down! Or you want to be the one doing the tying! Whatever your preference, we provide an assortment of options for you to do exactly that, from Shibari full suspensions to No Ropes Required! That’s right! Our 100 percent US-manufactured Tetruss Suspension Bondage Rig uses leather thigh/back stirrups, wrist/ankle cuffs, a leather sling, and a spreader bar. Lightweight, free-standing, and easy to assemble in minutes, you can use this versatile suspension bondage rig as a spanking bench or a St. Andrew’s cross, among many other possibilities.

Its high-strength aluminum-alloy frame (weighing under 23 pounds!) safely supports up to two people or 300 pounds of suspended weight without need for any brackets, nails, bolts, etc. So there’s absolutely no damage to your ceilings or walls! Standing 8 feet tall, the rig is perfect for a 10 x 10 space. Need a different height? Just contact us! We can provide a custom height option for lower ceilings.

You don’t have to be a Shibari rope master to be able to use the Tetruss Suspension Bondage Rig! No matter your level of kink or fetish—from mild to wild—the Tetruss Rig will provide you and your partner with years of exciting sexual experiences.

Want to get even wilder? Upgrade our basic bondage rig with a variety of accessories! It comes in seven different variations, ranging from the basic model, which is just the rig, to the Tetruss Suspension Bondage Rig Deluxe Bundle Plus, which includes the full Tetruss rig, two leather thigh stirrups, a 48” spreader bar, three leather suspension stirrups for thighs and back, and one pair of leather suspension cuffs, and the Tetruss Suspension Bondage Rig Mini Bundle which comes with a 48” spreader bar and two pairs of leather suspension cuffs.

And we’ve recently introduced the Tetruss Maxximus with a roomy 42” top, designed specifically for Shibari style, full-suspension rope bondage.

Check out the different versions of sexy, suspension fun here and here. You can also purchase additional leather wrist and ankle cuffs, sling, thigh and back stirrups, and spreader bars. You won’t find a more portable, versatile, or user-friendly dungeon toy. There’s even a travel bag designed specifically for you to easily transport your Tetruss rig anywhere. And if you ever have any questions, our Kink-expert customer support staff is always ready to offer a hand.

Tetruss’ Driving Force – The driving force behind our company is Galen Fous. A renown kink-positive therapist, he holds a masters in Transpersonal Psychology and is an author and educator on the faculty of Kink Academy, Sexology University, and the Modern Sex-Therapy institute. Galen is also sex researcher. His groundbreaking “Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth Survey,” with 5,000-plus participants thus far, is helping map the specifics of desire and how trauma can painfully derail normal, natural desires.

Galen identifies as a Dominant Erotic Sadist. He believes that a person’s sexuality is their innate birthright and that people should be allowed (and enabled) to pursue their deepest sexual desires free from fear, shame, or judgment. To that end, he has counseled many people in his personal practice and, in 2000, he invented the Tetruss Suspension Bondage Rig that our company is now known for, to further help people safely pursue their wildest fantasies in the comfort of their own home.

Our Commitment – Tetruss designer Galen Fous and are committed to the high-quality manufacture of one of the most versatile 3-in-1 adult sex toys in the world, the Tetruss Suspension Bondage Rig. All Tetruss rigs, accessories, and upgrades are 100 percent manufactured in the United States to the highest quality and safety standards.