Suspension Rig by Tetruss

Do you like exploring new positions while having sex and always want to try something new to make your sex life enjoyable? Tetruss brings you a collection of products that could be used to add fun and adventure to your sex life. The ankle suspension, leather suspension rig, cuffs shibari wrist, are various products offered by Tetruss to get rid of the tedious and predictable sex positions.

Imagine how hot it would be seeing your partner tied in an ankle suspension or cuffs suspension rig for a roleplay. It will help you to break the routine of regular vanilla sex. All the products offered by Tetruss are made with complete precautions along with a year warranty so that you can safely enjoy your favourite sex position. The leather suspension rig or wrist shibari can be easily transported because of their foldable size.

Do you have a naughty partner and want to punish them in your own way? If you want to teach them a lesson, it may be time to use ankle suspension into your play. It will work as an ice-breaker in your usual sex routine. A Tetruss leather suspension rig is a lightweight item that you can easily carry anywhere in order to fulfill your sex fantasies. You can take the excitement of fulfilling your fantasies to the next level by using the fantastic equipment provided by Tetruss. The excitement grows as your helpless partner has time to contemplate all the naughty things you are about to do.

You might have thought about what is the commotion of the famous movie Fifty Shades of Grey. It doesn’t matter what makes you try these incredible tools initially. You and your partner shouldn’t miss trying ankle suspension, leather suspension rig, cuffs shibari wrist to break the usual boring sex life and add thrill and adventure to your sex life.

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