Tetruss Testimonials

Tetruss Testimonials

Since 2000, Tetruss has been serving the global Kink community with no failures on any of our rigs. We are proud of and intend to maintain that level of safety and quality. Check out the Tetruss Gallery and the Tetruss Instagram to see the creative and artistic ways Tetruss rigs are used all over the world. Here are what satisfied Tetruss customers have to say, check out these Tetruss Testimonials!

“I have to say; it’s refreshing to receive a product that exceeded my expectations in every way. I know I’ll get many years of enjoyment from it. The quality of materials, machining and welding are superb and I’m extremely pleased. Your service, communication and shipping were exceptional as well. Thank you for a great buying experience. My best to the whole crew at Tetruss. I’ll be recommending you and your products to everyone! Many thanks!” ~Chris

“I purchased the Tetruss portable frame in September, and absolutely love it!” ~Amanda

“I purchased a deluxe bundle last year, and my wife absolutely loves it. No complaints, easily one of the best purchases I have made.” ~Stuart

“I love the design of the Tetruss Maximus’s 3 arms, and the more vertical legs that look easier to work with than the traditional tripod” ~Ezri

“I absolutely love your product and what you have created.” ~Ariel

“I am abso- LEW -tely loving my Teturss BDSM Suspension Frame!” ~Lew Rubens / World Class Rope & Suspension Artist 

“Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that we used the Tetruss bondage suspension rig at Kink in the Caribbean III, and we found it to be a great piece of bondage furniture. We were able to have scenes outside on the beach (even though palm trees have no branches) and in hotel rooms without having to modify the rooms!!” ~Mick & Dee / from Kink in the Caribbean

“Dungeon in a Duffel Bag!!…the Tetruss is sheerly amazing. If you want to own one piece of BDSM bondage furniture, this is it. Recommended!” ~Robert Dante, / from Bullwhip.net

“For the bang for your buck, solid design, and portability, I can find no other rig that I’d recommend folks purchase so I’ll absolutely continue to send folks your way!” ~Eric

“I own the tetruss 2 and have pics on my profile of the performance i did with it, it is a great lightweight, strong portable system.” ~Jessicakitten

“I have a Tetruss tripod frame and I love it. It’s portable and much roomier than other tripods. The legs are longer and makes the eye bolt almost 8′ high.” ~Kale fetlife

“As someone who has experience with the Tetruss, I’ve carried it around, put it together, and been suspended from it several times, it’s totally worth the investment… not to mention a ton of fun!!” ~Nellie

“The Tetruss is both light and strong, and purposely designed to lift humans and then play with them. It was easy to put away after the scene into the carry bag he provides. It is made from alloy tubing, not soft aluminum pipe , with a wall thickness heavy enough to not bend at all. During a scene I side loaded one leg by pulling my girl up to the leg several times with no discernable deflection of the leg, with some of my weight and most of hers, exerted sideways against the leg right at the joint.” ~Mech

“Just wanted to drop a note to tell you I’m having a great time with the Tetruss. Thanks so much for providing such an amazing, versatile, durable, safe and lightweight piece of equipment. Quality!! Your craftsmanship is appreciated” ~Kim

“My husband and I have one of your Tetruss systems. We really love it! When we go on vacation, we take it with us. One time we rented a cabin in the back woods of Colorado. My husband set up the system and left me hanging around in the great outdoors…ha ha, that was exciting! When we are home we leave it set up in a play-space in our barn behind our home for our suspension bondage fun. We even have friends who like to come over and have fun with it. Thank you, Tetruss!” ~Susan, Colorado

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