Sex Swing Frame by Tetruss

Sex Swing by Tetruss

The Ultimate Guide to the Tetruss Sex Swing

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have sex in a swing? The Tetruss sex swing allows you to explore these fantasies in a way you previously only dreamt was possible. With the Tetruss, you aren’t confined to your house. The Tetruss allows you to explore your sex swing fantasies in a variety of locations; limited only by your imagination.

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The Tetruss sex swing weighs just 21 pounds and can be easily assembled in minutes; making it ideal not only for in home use, but also travel. The Tretruss does not require brackets, nails, or bolts of any kind, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your walls or ceiling. Iit is just as easily used in your home as in your hotel room or on the deck of that secluded AirBnB cabin. No matter what your favorite position is, the Tetruss sex swing allows you to defy gravity and switch positions with ease.

  • Doggie: One person lays facing down in the swing allowing their partner access from behind.
  • Missionary: One person sits in the swing and either remains in a seated position or reclines while their partner can access their body from the front.
  • Oral: One person lays facing down in the swing as if for doggiestyle play with their head in position to orally stimulate their partner.

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  1. The Tetruss can be used anywhere!
  2. The Tetruss is easy to transport. It weighs just 21 pounds and travels easily in a 54 inch duffel bag.
  3. The Tetruss is free-standing so you don’t have to worry about bolts, brackets, hooks, or nails damaging your ceilings or walls.
  4. The Tetruss is much easier to set up than most traditional door frame sex swings.
  5. The Tetruss can be easily taken apart and folded into a smaller size for easy storage.
  6. The Tetruss can safely hold up to 300 pounds.
  7. The Tetruss’s height can be customized to fit your space.
  8. The Tetruss comes with a one year warranty on all parts.
  9. The Tetruss allows you to explore and switch between a variety of different sexual positions.
  10. The Tetruss is designed with foot straps and padding for legs and arms for maximum comfort.


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